iWatcher CAN GUARD


Truck and car fleet managers must be able to track and access vehicle data. Introducing Spetrotec’s iWatcher CAN GUARD system, which provides top-level diagnostics, real-time detection and advanced theft protection. 

 Truck and car fleet management has made great strides in recent years. Technological innovation has greatly enhanced fleet managers’ ability to better maintain and monitor their vehicles. The result? Valuable insights, better informed decisions and more money saved for organizations.    

More Data. Better Monitoring.

iWatcher CAN GUARD is a state-of-the-art truck and car fleet management system that fully supports truck FMS protocols and private car OBD protocols. iWatcher CAN GUARD offers a robust package that includes vehicle tracking, diagnostics, theft protection and driver behavior access.

iWatcher CAN GUARD utilizes GPS to track vehicle coordinates, and sends alerts over mobile networks. A built-in CAN-bus interface enables access to vehicle CAN data, thereby facilitating heightened management performance.

Enhanced Reporting. Better Knowledge.

iWatcher CAN GUARD provides a wide variety of reports based on parameters such as geo-fence, tilt, tow, battery status, ignition status, vehicle status (driving, parking) and scheduled GPS position. Car fleet managers can also access vehicle data such as speed, RPM, fuel level, temperature, and more. Alerts can be sent to up to three cellular devices.

Theft Protection

Theft protection is a key parameter for effective fleet management. iWatcher CAN GUARD integrates with a wireless ignition cut-off device (“ECU”), which can be controlled remotely from the main control center. Once installed, the ECU unit looks like an original vehicle component and is difficult to locate.


Real-time online map tracking

Uses Fleet Management & Control Application (MABAT Online)

Complies with strict automotive standards

Advanced vehicle protection

Low power consumption

Internal battery backup

Multiple I/O interfaces for monitoring and control

FOTA upgrade capabilities

High durability

Optional Accessories