In large organizations, the logistics process includes moving valuable goods from one area to another, and storing them behind lock and key. Spetrotec’s logistics solutions ensure maximum protection, both in transit and in storage.

To create revenue, many large enterprises rely on effective logistics. These companies ship and store their goods on a regular basis – and they expect zero setbacks. To make sure expectations are met, they must use advanced asset protection and monitoring solutions.


Maximum Transit and Storage Protection

As a leading protection and tracking solution manufacturer and distributer, Spetrotec helps organizations and logistics companies enhance their storage and shipping. Our cutting-edge locking and monitoring systems ensure ultimate protection and 24-hour transparency. Our customers expect maximum peace of mind throughout the shipping and storage process – and we deliver.

Advanced Locking for Extra Security

Spetrotec’s iWatcher LOCK makes the logistics process much more secure. This advanced computerized lock incorporates GPS/GSM communication technology and is uniquely designed for extra security. All break-in or theft attempts are monitored in real-time, with alerts sent to customers’ mobile phone or control center. Ideal for locking containers and gates, iWatcher LOCK monitors every opening and closing, including exact asset location.

Cargo Monitoring at All Times

Spetrotec’s iWatcher LOCATE is specifically designed for location and status monitoring of non-powered units.
Any change or attempted change in container or storage unit location is immediately tracked, and alerts are sent to property owners in real-time via a dedicated App or control center. iWatcher LOCATE communicates via 2G,3G,4G and 5G future technology cellular networks, and can also monitor unit temperature during storage.

Logistics – Key Benefits

High-quality locking

Real-time detection & protection

Direct real-time alerts to mobile phone

Sustainable security over time

Convenient and user-friendly

Durable in harsh conditions