Fleet Management

A host of solutions that help improve vehicle maintenance, reduce operational costs, ensure proper car usage and maximize car fleet potential.

Vehicle Tracking

Marketing leading solutions that help fleet managers better understand driver behavior patterns – and cope with car theft and other unforeseen emergencies.

Vehicle security

Cutting-edge systems with unique hardware and software, which are designed to thwart car theft and prevent unauthorized driving.

Vehicle Diagnostics

Diagnostics solutions that create safer driving and improved car maintenance, resulting in better upkeep, smarter decision making and more money saved.

Motorcycle Solutions

Top-level management tools that help improve motorcycle maintenance, ensure proper motorcycle driving and lower operational costs.

Construction Equipment

High level solutions for the construction sector, which keep heavy machinery and construction equipment protected and maintained.


Advanced asset protection and monitoring solutions that enhance a wide variety of organizational storage and shipping procedures.

Assets Protection

Innovative solutions that help individuals and commercial asset owners keep their valuables safe and secure – even when they are in transit or far away.