Privacy policy

Spetrotec's Privacy policy



Spetrotec Ltd. (hereinafter: the “Company”) respects the privacy of the websites and applications users it manages and operates (hereinafter: the “Websites / Applications”) and adopts the privacy policy of the Commission for the Protection of Privacy. The Company undertakes towards the user to comply with this policy.

This Privacy Policy is phrased in the masculine form for convenience purposes only and refers to both genders. The purpose of the policy is to explain the Company’s practices with respect to the privacy of users on its websites / applications and how the Company uses the information provided to it by the users of the websites / applications or collected by it when using the websites / applications.


Registration for services

Some of the services on the Company’s Websites / Applications require registration. As part of registration, you will be required to provide personally identifiable information such as your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address or credit card details. This information is information that you knowingly give during registration of the Websites / Applications or services provided therein and/or through them. Mandatory fields are the fields where you must enter the details and they will be indicated explicitly. It is hereby clarified that you are under no legal obligation to provide such information. However, without providing the required data in the mandatory fields, you will not be able to register for services requiring registration.

When using the websites / applications, information may by gather about your habits and preferences, such as information or advertisements you read on the websites / applications, the pages you viewed, the offers and services that interested you, the IP address from which you accessed the Company’s websites/ applications, and more. This is information that does not personally identify you and is not saved along with your information. This is statistical and cumulative information. The Company keeps the information in its databases. The use of this data, as well as the data you provide during the registration process for the various services on the Company’s Websites / Applications, will be done only in accordance with the law and with this Privacy Policy.


The database and use of information

The details you provide and the details collected in your respect in the course of the use of the Company’s Websites/ Applications, including personal information, will be stored in the Company’s databases. Use of the services included on the Company’s Websites/ Applications attests to your agreement that your details will be stored and managed in the Company’s database. Use of the information will be done in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy Policy or pursuant to the provisions of any law – for the purposes set forth below:

  1. To enable you to use the services offered by the Company and/or by anyone on its behalf on the Company’s Websites / Applications.
  2. To improve and enrich the services provided by the Company and/or by anyone on its behalf, including the creation of new services and content that correspond to the requirements of the users, to modify or cancel existing services and content.
  3. To send you updates, messages and other information related to the services offered by the Company, subject to the provisions of any law.
  4. For the purpose of analysis, control and provision of statistical information to third parties. This information will not identify you personally.
  5. For the proper operation and development of the Company’s Websites / Applications, including in order to provide you with support and to handle requests or complaints.
  6. To handle malfunctions on the Company’s Websites/ Applications and/or in the services provided in their framework.
  7. To enforce the Terms of Use, in order to comply with the requirements of any law, regulation or other legislation, and to assist competent authorities and any third party, when the Company believes in good faith that it must do so.
  8. In any case of dispute or legal proceedings between you and the Company or between you and other users of the service.
  9. In the event that the Company is required to provide the information by the legal authorities.
  10. For any other purpose specified in this Privacy Policy or the Terms of Use relevant to any service.


Providing information to a third party

The Company shall not transfer to third parties your personal information and the information collected about your activity on the websites / applications, to the extent that these details and information identify you personally, except in the following cases.

  1. In the event the Company is required by law to furnish your details or information about you to a third party, or if the Company receives a judicial order instructing it to provide your details or information about you as aforesaid.



  1. When you purchase products and services from the Company’s trading and content partners, or when you participate in third party content activities, or in joint activities of the Company and a third party displayed on the Company’s Websites / applications. In such cases, these partners will be given the information they require to complete the purchase process, manage the relevant content activity, and maintain contact with you.
  2. In the event that you violate and/or attempt to violate the Terms of Use on the Company’s Websites / Applications and/or any of the services offered therein, or in the event you operate on the Company’s Websites / Applications and/or in connection therewith and their activity, in contravention of the law.
  3. In any dispute, claim, suit, demand or legal proceedings, if any, between you and the Company.
  4. In the event that the Company believes that providing the information is necessary in order to prevent significant damage to you or to others.


In the event the Company organizes its activities or the activities of the websites / applications within the framework of another company or corporation – and in the event that it merges with another entity or merges the activity of the Websites / Applications with the activity of a third party – it shall be entitled to transfer to the new company or corporation a copy of the information collected about you on the Websites / Applications or any statistical information in its possession, provided that such company or corporation takes upon itself the provisions of this Privacy Policy.



The Company’s Websites / Applications use cookies for their ongoing and proper operation, including for the collection of statistical data on the use of the Websites / Applications, for the verification of details, the adaptation of the Websites / Applications to your personal preferences and for information security needs.

Cookies are text files created by your browser upon command from the Company’s Websites/ Applications. Some cookies will expire when you close your browser and others are stored on your computer’s hard drive.

Cookies contain information such as the pages you visit, the location of browsing, the length of time you spent on Websites/ Applications, information you wish to see when you log in, and more. Cookies are also used to obviate the need to enter your information each time you revisit some of the Company’s Websites / Applications that require registration. The Company takes precautionary measures to ensure that only its servers can read and understand the information stored therein.

If you do not want cookies to be used on your computer, you can avoid them by changing your browser settings. Please consult your browser’s help file for this purpose. Remember, however, that disabling the cookies may result in you being unable to use some of the services and features on the Company’s Websites / Applications and even other sites.

In addition, you can delete the cookies on your computer at any time. It is suggested that you do so only if you are certain that you do not want the Websites / Applications to be adapted to your preferences. Because cookies sometimes exempt you at times from the need to enter usernames and passwords, do not delete them unless you are sure that you first noted down in a safe place all the information needed to use the Websites / Applications.

Advertisements by third parties

Some of the services on the Company’s Websites / Applications are managed by the Company’s trading and content partners. These services are provided through the computers of those partners and not from the Company’s computers. During your use of these services, you may be asked to provide personal information or that information about you is collected. Use of this information is subject to the privacy policies of these service managers and not to the Company’s Privacy Policy, and therefore it is recommended that you review their privacy policy documents as well.

The Company allows some companies to manage the ad submission system at its Websites / Applications and/or uses systems from other companies. The ads that you view when visiting the Company’s Websites / Applications come from the computers of those companies and their advertisers. In order to manage advertisements, these companies place cookies on your computer and embed “web beacons” in advertisements or on the pages of the site. The beacons are tiny graphical files with unique identifiers, embedded in web pages, whose function is to help gather information about the viewing and use of the site. The information collected does not identify you personally, but only wishes you to adapt the advertisements shown you with topics that interest you. The use of cookies and web beacons made by these companies is subject to their privacy policies and not to this policy of the Company.


Data Security

The Company applies information security systems and procedures on its Websites / Applications. These systems and procedures mitigate the risks of unauthorized penetration and/or disclosure of information, but do not provide absolute security. Therefore, the Company does not undertake that the services at its Websites / Applications will be completely immune from unauthorized access to the information stored therein.


Right to review information

Pursuant to Article 13 of the Protection of Privacy Law, 5741 – 1981, every person is entitled to review himself or by his representative whom he has authorized in writing or by his guardian, information that is kept in a database. A person who has reviewed the information on it and found that it is incorrect, incomplete, unclear or not up-to-date, may contact the owner of the database with a request to amend or remove the information. If the owner of the database refuses to comply with this request, he must notify the applicant of the fact in the way and manner prescribed in the Regulations. The refusal of the owner of the database to allow a reviewing and the notice of his refusal to amend or delete information, may be appealed by applicant asking for the information before the Magistrate’s Court in the way and manner prescribed in the Regulations.

In addition, if the information in the Company’s databases is used for the purpose of contacting you personally, based on your affiliation to a population segment, determined by one or more characteristics of persons whose names are included in the database (“solicitation of a commercial offer”), then you are entitled under the Protection of Privacy Law to demand in writing that the information relating to you will be deleted from the database. In this case, the Company will delete within 30 days information it requires only for the purpose of contacting you with commercial offers as aforesaid. Information required by the Company for the conduct of its business – including documentation of commercial and other activities performed by you on the Company’s Website / Application – will continue to be kept by the Company under law but will no longer be used for contacting you.


Uploading content on websites/ applications

The Company does not wish to receive from you any content or information that is confidential or protected by any rights and you are required to refrain from uploading and publishing on the websites / applications any such information. Therefore, reference to any content or information you provide to the Company and/or publish through the websites / applications or by any other means of publication (e.g. in forums, comments, etc., if any) will be treated as non-confidential and non-proprietary information. Know that by sending content and information for publication, you grant the Company a free, unlimited license to display, reproduce, copy, distribute, market, transmit, make available to the public the content and information, and make any other use at its discretion. This means that you are not entitled, and will not be entitled in the future, to any payment for any content you provide to the Company and/or publish on the websites / applications and/or by any other means.


Direct e-mail

If you have given us your e-mail address, we shall be permitted to send you occasional e-mail information about services, content, advertisements and offers that may interest you as well as marketing and advertising information – whether information we publish ourselves or information we receive from other advertisers. Such information will be sent to you if you have given you express consent, and you may at any time withdraw your consent and cease receiving it. In any event, we will not disclose your personal information to advertisers. However, the Company may furnish statistical information about the activity of the users on the Websites / Applications. No statistical information that is furnished will personally identify you.


Changes to the Privacy Policy

The Company may amend from time to time the provisions of the Privacy Policy. If material changes are made to the sections or provisions concerning the use of personal information that you provided, a notice of the fact will be posted on the home pages of the Websites / Applications.


Submissions to the Company

If you believe that your privacy has been compromised by any person in the course of the use of the Company’s Websites / Applications, please contact the Company via e-mail: or via fax: +972-9-7423666 or by regular mail to: Spetrotec Ltd., 5 Mevo Kedem St., Industrial Zone Gil Amal, Hod Hasharon, zip code 4531825.

You may send the Company any request, response, question or complaint, by sending an e-mail to this address, or alternatively by the other above means.