Construction Equipment

Spetrotec’s locking and tracking solutions are ideal for protecting heavy machinery and construction equipment from theft attempts, and can also be used for effective equipment management. 

Contractors, heavy equipment companies and sand and gravel suppliers use heavy-duty vehicles throughout a wide range of construction projects. Large trucks, cranes, cement mixers, diggers, bulldozers and excavators are often left on-site for long durations, or stored in designated garages during off-hours. These vehicles are extremely valuable, and therefore must be maintained and protected at all times.

Construction Equipment

Heavy-Duty Protection

Spetrotec is a leading protection and tracking solution manufacturer and distributer. Our vehicle industry expertise allows us to offer high level protection and tracking solutions for the construction sector. With our advanced systems, their heavy-duty gear can be impeccably protected and maintained.

Lock, Locate and Secure

Construction sites and offsite garages are often prone to break-ins and equipment theft. Heavy machinery and construction equipment are very expensive, and can also be hard to replace. Spetrotec’s iWatcher solutions help contractors and construction companies protect their equipment. Our locking and tracking systems incorporate advanced GPS/GSM communication technology, which inform users of break-in and theft attempts, while monitoring vehicle movement and exact location.

Equipment Management

Heavy equipment fleets offer many management challenges. With Spetrotec’s fleet management system, construction companies can monitor every vehicle’s exact location, receive rich data concerning specific vehicle behavior, and communicate by notifications sent directly to users’ mobile devices via 2G, 3G, 4G and future 5G cellular networks. These capabilities help construction companies maintain their fleet with added efficiency, optimize decision making and reduce vehicle expenses.

Construction Equipment – Key Benefits

High-quality locking

Real-time detection & protection

Direct real-time alerts to mobile phone

Sustainable security over time

Convenient and user-friendly

Durable in harsh conditions

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