iWatcher LOCATE


Introducing iWatcher LOCATE, a cutting-edge device with advanced tracking capabilities designed especially for containers, towable carts, and other non-powered units that store valuable goods.

A majority of tracking and alert systems are designed to integrate with powered units such as cellphones, computers, cars, trucks and motorcycles. Yet non-powered units often require high level tracking, as well. Especially mobile units that can be moved and are used for storing valuable goods.

Track. Locate. Alert.

iWatcher LOCATE is a state-of-the-art tracking solution for non-powered units, which allows unit owners to know where their goods are at all times. iWatcher LOCATE also sends alerts regarding any change or attempted change in unit location.

Utilizing advanced algorithms, iWatcher LOCATE is ideal for tracking and monitoring containers, towable carts, waste containers and other non-powered units – and can also be used as a backup car or motorcycle tracking system. iWatcher LOCATE communicates via 2G,3G,4G and 5G future technology cellular networks.

System alerts are received via a dedicated App or a control service center, and can be programmed to be sent within designated timeframes or in real-time. Alerts are sent when the unit is moved or when a package is opened. Every alert specifies cause of alert and asset location.

iWatcher LOCATE can operate for up to 3 years or a transmission of approx. 1,200 alerts – without battery recharging or replacement.


3-year battery lifecycle

Long-term tracking

Real-time alerts to control center/mobile phone

Exact location alerts

Movement tracked via motion sensors

Durable in harsh conditions (IP65)

Easily concealed

Unit-to-unit mobility

Option for magnetic attachment