iWatcher OBD


To become better managers, today’s car fleet managers rely on enhanced knowledge and control. Introducing Spetrotec’s iWatcher OBD system, which provides top-level vehicle tracking, OBD II level diagnostics and driver behavior data. 

Today’s leading fleet managers do more than perform company vehicle maintenance. They help their respective organizations become more service-oriented and cost-efficient. Car diagnostics is a great place to start.

The Key is OBD

iWatcher OBD is a fleet management system that provides online vehicle tracking, driver behavior monitoring and vehicle diagnostics, while also fully supporting advanced OBD II vehicle standards.

iWatcher OBD can be installed in matter of seconds, thus substantially reducing high installation costs. The system is designed to meet strict automotive CE and E standards for durability, power consumption and working temperatures.

Tracking. Monitoring. Communicating.

Fleet managers love iWatcher OBD, as it uses robust vehicle data to generate resourceful decision making. Functioning as a high-level tracking device, iWatcher OBD utilizes GPS to lock on to vehicles coordinates. The system also uses the GSM cellular network for vehicle status control and monitoring, and sends updates via 2G, 3G, 4G and future 5G communication channels.

Vehicle Knowledge. Management Power.

iWatcher OBD supplies users with a wide range of reports based on parameters such as geo-fence, tilt, tow, battery status, ignition status, vehicle status (driving, parking) and scheduled GPS position. Fleet managers can also access vehicle data such as speed, RPM, fuel level, temperature. Alerts can be sent to up to three mobile devices.


Real-time online map tracking

DTC Vehicle Alerts

Access to driver behavior

Access to technical vehicle diagnostics

A wide range of data & alerts (OBD II)

Uses Fleet Management & Control Application (MABAT Online)

Small & simple plug & play installation

Complies with strict automotive standards

FOTA upgrade capabilities