General Packet Radio Services (GPRS) is a packet-based wireless communication service that allows data transmission and continuous connection to the internet for mobile phone and computer users. GPRS is based on the Global System for Mobile (GSM) communication.
Spetrotec’s AVL and Fleet Management units are using this GPRS communication service to exchange data with your WEBFLEET platform.

Spetrotec’s solutions use proprietary hardware, installed in your vehicles, to communicate with the operations center. Spetrotec’s platform tools allow you to track, monitor, route, and manage data for your entire fleet.

The main benefits of using Spetrotec Tracking Solutions include:

  • Reduction of unnecessary overtime labor
  • Elimination of unnecessary trips and miles, therefore enjoying lower insurance premiums
  • Increased productivity and possibly your revenue all together
  • Increasing safety and security of drivers
  • Increasing your control on your fleets, therefore saving money
  • Reduction of unnecessary overtime labor
  • Decreasing car thefts
  • Decreasing false insurance claims

Spetrotec’s tracking products have a data logger which allows the information to be saved on the vehicle in real time and then when the vehicle re-enters an area with coverage, to be sent to the call center / tracking platform. Even if a vehicle is out of contact for an extended period of time, all vehicle data for that period will be sent to the center after the vehicle resumes contact.

You can configure this feature as you would like.

Spetrotec’s iWatcher solutions,like fleet management solutions and others, are installed in a secure place inside the vehicles.

It is not difficult at all, but should be done by an official automotive installer, Septrotec supply diagram and installation guide with each order and our technical manager will be happy to assist you and your installers with any questions you might have.

The combination between high technology hardware and a flexible, user friendly varied solutions is proven to be highly efficient to your business.

A Spetrotec’s AVL unit can be integrated with any platform, we will help you with the integration and work with your IT personal in order to do so.

Each solution is built by the client’s needs, please contact us through the contact form, and a Spetrotec representative will help you determine your clients needs and will supply you with the most cost effective quote.

If you would like to join our distributors worldwide you should fill out our contact form on our website. One of our sales representatives will contact you back to discuss your proposition.

Yes, once purchasing the iWatcher units from Septrotec, you will be able to test them on our secured web based platform – “Mabat Online”.

The vehicles shown on the map as points – green- for vehicles turned on, red – for vehicles turned off.

Yes. Please ask one of our representatives to give you a demo user and password for Mabat-Online, once you purchase our iWatcher unit.

  • SIM card -open for GPRS and SMS
  • Internet connection
  • Pentium 2, 1GB RAM computer
  • Internet Explorer 5 and up

All Spetrotec’s servers reside behind a highly secure firewall.

Mabat-Online software offers a friendly and easy to use interface. In addition our technical team will be happy to assist you with anything you might find unclear.

Our coverage area is worldwide.

Any more questions? Please contact us through the Contact Form and one of Spetrotec representatives will contact you ASAP.