Spetrotec’s vision is to become the world’s best in IoT design, development and manufacturing for vehicle, logistic asset and security industries – and to provide truly revolutionary products and solutions.

Smarter. Simpler. Safer.

Spetrotec is an Israeli technology company that designs, develops and sells IoT electronics, online tracking systems and monitoring solutions. Spetrotec is headquartered in Hod Hasharon, Israel, and works with distributors over the world.

Spetrotec is one of Israel’s largest hardware suppliers. Company products, which are integrated within the advanced iWatcher brand, include automatic vehicle location systems, cellular alarms, a unique padlock with GNSS and cellular communication capabilities, and more. The company’s flagship software solution is Mabat-Online, a real-time monitoring and diagnostic system.

Founded in 1989 by Slavi Peer, Spetrotec’s high security and telematics systems feature a wide range of advanced cellular technologies – including GNSS, LTE, NB IoT, and more. Spetrotec supplies systems for pre-delivery automotive, professional and aftermarket consumer clients in many countries all over the world.   

Accelerated Creativity

As an innovative Israeli company, Spetrotec’s culture is defined by cutting-edge high-tech standards. Our creativity allows us to create tailor-made solutions for specific customer requirements. Our dynamic approach helps us predict and adapt to changing market trends.

Reliable Technology

Spetrotec is committed to manufacturing green, reliable and cost-effective products made from quality components. We use best-in-class design methods that comply with strict telematics systems, vehicle security and OEM/ODM quality standards.

A Global Mission

Spetrotec’s mission is to provide customers with the best user experience through innovative company hardware, software and services.


Spetrotec is committed to high social responsibility standards. We collaborate with a third-party organization to collect and recycle electronic waste. We also employ individuals with disabilities, in cooperation with the Israeli Mental Health Association.