GPS technology helps drivers and fleet managers locate just about anything, anytime and anywhere on earth. Introducing Mabat Online – an innovative tracking software that combines vehicle tracking and diagnostics, providing to fleet managers countless advantages.

GPS-based tracking has become an indispensable tool for fleet management, helping to continuously track the location of vehicles driving from one destination to another. Yet tracking that includes on-board diagnostics are even more handy; by alerting to faults that are likely to occur or have already occurred, these solutions reduce expenses spent on repair bills, transportation delays and machinery depreciation – not to mention management efforts and headaches.

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Better Fleet Management

Mabat Online is an integrated telematics solution for effective fleet management. The solution includes sophisticated on-board software and hardware technology, for real-time retrieval and harvesting of critical vehicle information and metrics associated with vehicle/driver performance. With Mabat Online, managers can manage their fleets with a high degree of efficiency and cost-effectiveness, while reducing costs and enhancing operational performance.

Key Vehicle Data

Mabat Online provides real-time vehicle tracking and supplies key vehicle data using GSM/GPRS and real-time alerts. Data includes the number of stops on a designated route, start and stop times, driver behavior, engine diagnostics, mileage, speed, idle times, routes covered, geo-fencing, fuel consumption, engine temperature, unauthorized vehicle usage and security parameters. By increasing efficiency and enforcing safer driving, Mabat Online contributes significantly to corporate goodwill and reputation.

Robust Integration

Mabat Online integrates with Spetrotec’s product catalog, providing clients with a comprehensive view of their entire mobile asset activity. This effective integration ensures a high degree of management control over fleet operations, with an annual return on investment realized through significant cost reductions across diverse vehicle fleets.

Mabat Online – Key Benefits

Increased productivity

Lower insurance costs

Effective employee monitoring

Improved customer service

Detailed & accurate reports

Immediate vehicle location and dispatch

Ensured proof of service

Arrival and departure time verification

Reduced vehicle operating expenses

Real time alerts and notifications

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