iWatcher AVL


State-of-the-art technology is changing the way vehicle fleets are managed and maintained. Introducing Spetrotec’s iWatcher AVL system, which offers advanced tracking abilities – and much more.

Today’s car fleet managers are always on the lookout for the best available management tools. They seek high-quality tools that will help them preserve optimal car maintenance, reduce operational costs and extract the best value from their vehicle fleet. In other words: precision equals efficiency. And efficiency leads to better decision making.

Better Vehicle Control

iWatcher AVL is a versatile, cost-effective cellular monitoring unit for cars, trucks and motorbikes. iWatcher AVL’s high-level online vehicle tracking capabilities allows car fleet managers to pinpoint company vehicles via GPS, while using 2G, 3G, 4G and future 5G cellular network for controlling and monitoring vehicle status via cellular communication channels.
Car fleet managers receive real-time alerts regarding a wide range of parameters, including driver behavior, scheduled GPS positions, speed, tow, tilt, low battery, battery cut-off and more. Alerts can be sent to up to three cellular devices, via SMS or by email.
With iWatcher AVL, car fleet managers can help drivers drive safer, maintain impeccable car upkeep, reduce wear and tear and control car maintenance. It’s a gateway to smarter car fleet management.

Emergency Optimization

iWatcher AVL is the optimal tool for handling emergencies. With iWatcher AVL, car fleet managers can locate stolen vehicles and neutralize their ignition mechanism. If company employees drive recklessly, the system sends an immediate alert to the control center. Car fleet managers can also choose to install a wide range of enhancing accessories, including temperature sensors and panic buttons for drivers.


Real-time online map tracking

Driver behavior control

Complies with strict automotive standards

Reports via secure management system

Low power consumption

FOTA update capability

Internal battery backup